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Vacancy # 1066
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# of Openings 1
Employment Full Time
Salary Pay Factor: 1.200 base teacher salary sched
Calendar Days 202
Published Date 06/18/2017
Closing Date 04/24/2018 
58030 Plaquemine Street
Plaquemine, LA 70764
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Degrees / Certificates Master's
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TITLE: School Psychologist- Pupil Appraisal Services


QUALIFICATIONS: Certification as School Psychologist; Physical and mental stamina and ability to perform job functions, tasks and duties.


REPORTS TO: Pupil Appraisal Coordinator









JOB GOAL: To efficiently and effectively serve as a member and/or coordinator of a multidisciplinary team to evaluate students suspected as having a potential exceptionality and to support service providers in meeting student needs.



  • Serve as Evaluation Coordinator for multidisciplinary team evaluations to determine eligibility for special education services in accordance with Louisiana State Department of Education Bulletin 1508.

  • Review and insure that referral information, including Response to Intervention, has been satisfactorily completed.  Complete as needed.

  • Conduct a parent interview which includes explaining the evaluation process, obtaining consent, discussing referral concerns and any additional parent concerns.

  • Conduct teacher interview, student interview, curriculum based assessment, and classroom observations in accordance with Bulletin 1508.

  • Obtain medical/mental health information and consult with medical/mental health professionals as needed.

  • Participate in weekly staffings to determine and coordinate necessary discipline involvement in the evaluation.

  • Conduct a meeting with parents and the evaluation team to discuss the evaluation findings and make an eligibility determination.

  • Participate in IEP meeting for student.

  • Serve as member of multi-disciplinary team for student evaluations.

  • Conducts individualized, standardized intellectual and/or behavioral assessments and provides written report to evaluation coordinator.

  • Conducts an intellectual assessment for students suspected of dyslexia and provide written report to evaluation coordinator.

  • Conducts an assessment of cognitive, emotional, and social functioning including self-concept for students suspected of Emotional Disturbance.

  • Conducts a comprehensive psychological assessment for students as needed..

  • Conducts a standardized nondiscriminatory individual assessment of intellectual functioning, an appraisal of information obtained as a result of the observation of the student in the classroom, and an appraisal of emotional or cultural factors that may be causing or contributing to the student’s problems for students suspected of a Mental Disability.

  • Serve as Pupil Appraisal representative for assigned school(s).

  • Student Assistance Team member; includes attending SAT and/or 504 meetings at assigned school(s), assisting school in referral process, and providing recommendations for student interventions.

  • Provide support and information to school administration, teachers, and staff regarding special education policies and procedures.

  • Review behavioral interventions, conduct special education manifestation determination, and attend expulsion hearing if warranted for students with behavior concerns.

  • When notified, attend IEP meetings involving modifications of services.

  • Participates in re-evaluations in accordance with guidelines set forth by Bulletin 1508.

  • Functions as evaluation coordinator for designated referred students; including obtaining consent, gathering all required data, and providing written report summary within appropriate timelines.

  • As a multidisciplinary team member, conducts psychosocial or adaptive behavior assessment and provides written report to the evaluation coordinator.

  • Participates in Eligibility Determination and/or IEP meetings and interprets results and recommendations to parent, teachers, principals, and other appropriate persons.

  • Provide screening and evaluation services to preschool children.

  • Participate in preschool screening clinics to identify children in need of assessment.

  • As a member of a multidisciplinary team, conducts individualized, formal standardized assessment and provides a written Developmental Assessment report including strengths, weaknesses, and strategies to evaluation coordinator.

  • As a member of a multidisciplinary team, provides intellectual and/or behavioral assessments of cognitive and/or social/behavioral functioning to address student’s needs.

  • Participates in Eligibility Determination meetings and interprets results and recommendations to parent, teachers, principals, and other appropriate persons.

  • Keeps abreast of new developments in the area of school psychology and keeps other appropriate school personnel informed of the same.

  • Performs any additional duties assigned by the superintendent and/or evaluator.



  • Maintains good attendance.

  • Reports to work on time.

  • Displays professional ethics on and off duty.

  • Adheres to all Iberville Parish School Board’s Policies

  • Reports to job-related injuries within 48 hours of work accident to the immediate supervisor.

  • Assumes responsibility for implementation of emergency procedures.

  • Seeks and maintains a positive attitude of promoting school and community relations.

  • Participates in and promotes harmonious working relationships with students, colleagues, parents and community members.

  • Attends meetings as directed.

Serves on task force and decision-making committees, when appropriate.

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