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Vacancy # 1095
Position # 1
# of Openings 1
Employment Full Time
Salary Based on Base Teacher Salary
Calendar Days 180
Published Date 09/11/2017
Closing Date 09/24/2017 
Experience 2 years as RN
Degrees / Certificates Bachelor's
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TITLE: School Nurse


QUALIFICATIONS:   Possession of a current license to practice as a professional Registered Nurse in the State of Louisiana

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Two years nursing experience working as a registered nurse.

School Nurse Certification. To be obtained after hire

Obtain CPR Instructor certification after hire


REPORTS TO:   Nurse Coordinator







PAY FACTOR:                 Non-Applicable


JOB GOAL:   To help students achieve and maintain their optimal level of health educational potential.



  • Establishes, delivers and maintains a comprehensive school health program.

  • Delivers health-related services including rendering care of the sick or injured and/or students requiring specialized individual care, handling of emergencies and overseeing routine health issues.

  • Implements nursing actions that promote, maintain or restore health, prevent illness and effect rehabilitation.

  • Determines the delegation of health care procedures, the extent of orientation, and the amount and type of ongoing monitoring and supervision that will be needed to comply with the state Nurse Practice Act and other legal and school board considerations.

  • Collaborates with other school and community professionals in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating programs and other school health activities.

  • Administers medication in schools according to Act 87 until the school personnel who are required to administer the medication have been trained according to the provision of Act. 87.

  • Responsible for completing consults on a weekly basis for all services provided.  Performs vision screening on all new special education evaluations and reevaluations.

  • Performs physical assessments on students as needed.

  • Attends IEP conferences as appropriate.

  • Establishes visits to all schools of Iberville Parish. The school nurse may collaborate with school based health clinic staff as needed when applicable and appropriate.

  • The school nurse shall:’

  • Check immunization records on all Pre K, K, and 6th grade students and all new transfer students in accordance with the La Department of Health and Hospitals/Office of Public Health. Report to Immunization Program Regional Director as needed.

  • Performs vision and hearing for all students in grades PreK, K, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10th.
    Notifies parents of defects and refers to proper resource.

  • Perform scoliosis screening of grades 4 and 6. May also screen students as requested through PAS.
    Notifies parents of defects and refers to proper resource.

  • Teaches breast self-examination and the need for a pap smear as approved by the LEA.

  • May perform Scoliosis screening for appropriate ages with parental consent. Notifies parents of suspected defects and refers to proper resource.

  • Provide presentations to students to include but not limited to the following topics: Puberty, Hygiene, Inhalation Drugs, and Health and Nutrition as deemed appropriate.  Parental consent required for Puberty class.

  • Performs any additional duties assigned by the Superintendent and/or evaluator

  • Provides support to students in an effort to optimize their health and educational experience, to school board staff, families and community in general, and facilitates services between the school board and medical/community resources.

  • Develops individualized health plans for students using the nursing process.

  • Encourages good safety practices and involves students in maintaining a healthful school environment.

  • Assesses and evaluates the health and developmental status of students.

  • Collaborates and consults with school board staff to gather information, to provide assessment information, and to coordinate plans to meet student needs.

  • Serves as a resource person to students, families and staff in identifying and addressing health education needs.

  • Provides strategies, skills and training, including preventive self-care, in order to achieve optimal levels of wellness through health education.

  • Initiates referrals of students with unmet health needs to medical/community resources and ensures continuity of service and care.

  • Provides training to staff/support staff including but not limited to: Medication Administration, Paraprofessional training, Diabetic Care Attendant, and CPR.

  • Promotes community health.

  • Effectively manages all accompanying responsibilities to ensure the delivery of a                      

      successful school health program.

  • Maintains appropriate health related records and the security of health supplies.

  • Develops procedures for the accumulation of data, compilation of reports, and a system of reporting to ensure effective performance.

  • Evaluates the effectiveness of services and makes program modifications.

  • Collaborates with school personnel in assessing and improving the social, emotional and environmental climate of the school and its impact on students and staff, while promoting an environment conducive to health and safety.

  • Works closely with members of the pupil service staff and serves as a member of the Pupil Services Team as needed.


  • Maintains good attendance.

  • Reports to work on time.

  • Displays professional ethics on and off duty.

  • Adheres to all Iberville Parish School Board’s Policies

  • Reports to job-related injuries within 48 hours of work accident to the immediate supervisor.

  • Assumes responsibility for implementation of emergency procedures.

  • Seeks and maintains a positive attitude of promoting school and community relations.

  • Participates in and promotes harmonious working relationships with students, colleagues, parents and community members.

  • Attends meetings as directed.

  • Serves on task force and decision-making committees, when appropriate.

Application Procedure
Anyone interested in being considered for the above position should submit an application or resume’ online at: 


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* School Nurse Certification is an application process after service in the position.

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